Shark Week Minus the Shark and Plus a Cat

August 20, 2018

Ok...if you're like me you have no idea what this title has to do with wellness. Wait, I wrote that title. I should know. I'll be honest, I just wanted a seague into the following video entitled Shark Week on a Budget. 


This has been floating around Facebook for quite some time, and I think it's hysterical. What's even more funny is that a) I don't watch tv, b) I didn't know what shark week actually was (until I wikied it of course), c) Shark Week is 30 YEARS OLD!, and finally d) it has no bearing on mindfulness. Or does it? I've mentioned a few times in videos and in various media about trying to keep this spirituality business less heavy. Not to say that your peace of mind (yes, I meant peace) is not important. Peace in the Mind is vitally important to our health and well being, but I'm finding that people keep digging and searching in almost a desperate manner to find that elusive pearl. Today I want you to stop and find something funny, beautiful, joyful, or all of the above. Laugh, admire a flower, sing in the shower....whatever you need to do to uplift your spirit. Pray if you pray, but make it a joyful prayer. Meditate on gratitude. Don't get me wrong, I have my days. We all do, but I'll stop and breathe and realize that small nuggets of gratitude surround me. Sometimes they are VERY, VERY, SMALL. Like I'm grateful for this coffee small. Some days I don't find it, but then I choose (heavy on that word choose) to let all of those irritations go. It really is about being in the present moment, and I say this over and over again because it's that important. When you feel the weight of the world bearing down on you, and your chest is heavy, stop and breathe. Focus on a point in front of you and let everything else fall away. A couple of minutes is all you need to release just a little bit of that burden. After you catch your breath find that special friend, and have a good laugh. You know that person who can say the exact right thing you need to make you smile. If you don't have that person, it's time to cultivate that person or tribe. Now I'm really serious....we have to create that group or few people that support us and help us grow and help us laugh. I promise to help point you to that awesome group of people. I know a few :) Love and have a wonderful day!


P.S. Posting a new video and I'm actively working on material for Cat Week. I've got another lucky subject roaming the house. Stay tuned!





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