To Attach or Non Attach?

August 14, 2018

Yes, that is the question. In many (most, all) spiritual modalities the concept of non attachment comes up as a means to lighten or release the mental chains that keep us bound to the physical world. It seems like a simple concept. Let go of stuff and you'll be freer to experience the world in all it's beauty and splendor, and that connection to the higher power will be easier to attain. Does this mean I need to forsake worldly possessions? Do I have to give up Netflix? Surely you can't mean attachments to loved ones. Wait, what do you mean? Any type of attachment has the potential to create a negative impact on our lives. That's it. Simple. Obviously attachment to chocolate and cheeseburgers creates a potential for health issues, but loved ones? If you look at attachment in the sense of expectations and memories/experiences, then yes....loved ones fall into that category. You can love someone with all of your heart, and that's it. You just love that person. No expectations of what you get in return, or falling into an expected pattern that is associated with a past memory or action. Same with stuff. Have stuff. Have a blender (Vitamix if you will), but don't expect the stuff to make you happy. In fact for most of us of a certain age, the stuff is becoming a burden. Our stuff and our relationships carry a big load for us, the expectation of happiness. It's not fair to ask that blender to make us happy (although certain times it does come close), nor is it fair to ask someone else to make us happy or complete. It circles back to that expectation or memory. Future = expectation and Past = memories or regrets. Neither are helpful in finding happiness. Look, I'm not going to remotely suggest you throw all of your stuff out in the front lawn, pack the car, and head off to the mountains to meditate. Some have found this sucessful, but for most of us we still need to live in this material world. It's our spiritual practices, and specifically being mindful of what attachment looks like in our life that keep us moving forward on the Path. Think about it. Love and light from this spiritual girl living in the material world :)

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