Notice Your Blessings

August 9, 2018

So it's been a hot minute, but I did want to give an update. Another video soon I promise starring Sinbad this time. He does Yoga and would like to share his thoughts. Actually, three days in a row he's brought his favorite stuffed mouse to my meditation blanket. Three days....I like the number three.


So no, I haven't been drinking. I may be rambling some, because sleep is not too far off. It's been an amazing three days. Not amazing in the sense that I've had people beating the doors down to do yoga. I never expected that. I really had no expectations. I show up when I need to, and amazing things happen. A person I knew (and really like) walked in the door without realizing I was the owner. An old family friend showed up to offer support, encouragement, and Kimchi. God Bless you LG. A friend showed up and made me laugh and think. Her wit and attitude light up any space! A friend reconnected with yoga after a time away, and is glad to be back. She's such a kick @ss woman. Really she is. Another friend has found a place to sigh into. Sigh away Sweet B. Sugar Ree, my neighbor, is the most.....I don't know how to describe her other than she's the most awesome neighbor ever. What a positive attitude and connection to the Divine that one! Another couldn't find her way hOme until the next day, and it was worth the wait. She's such a breath of fresh air. Then Shanti came and put all of us on the right path. Organize and guide away Shanti M. We all love you. Mom and EMH....y'all just keep doing you. That makes everyday and everything special. At the end of the day most names have been changed, but one fact remains.....even if I didn't mention you I noticed you, and appreciate you. I noticed and keep noticing what the Divine is doing. It's raining blessings all around me.


Have you noticed? Did you wake up yesterday and walk through the day in a fog? Simply going through the motions of living, or did you notice the blessings around you? The people, things, the whatever that make you appreciate your breath. These things are the reason. I will say over and over again how truly blessed I am. If you are around me and I don't tell you, trust are a blessing and I love you. You'll see this post (most likely) when you get up in the morning, and I want you to start a new day. Breath in and out, then say....I will take time to notice my blessings. Repeat as many times as needed. 108 times if need be. Come do yoga or not, but do take time to live and appreciate the things around you. I love you all and Namaste!

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