A Little House Down the Road

August 6, 2018

Well today is the day, and more than likely by the time you read this we are open and the first class is in the books. I have no way to predict the success of the first day, but success is a relative term. Is success a packed room full of people? Is success making a ton of money? Again it's all relative. My cat thinks I'm a success when I feed him, but I'm not sure that counts or does it? If you measure success in rigid, materialistic terms then most of us will struggle to measure up. If we do measure up, there is the potential for other things to fall by the wayside in that pursuit of "success" (i.e. family, friends, leisure time). Personally I believe in finding success in the things that feed the heart and the allow for the pursuit of happiness. Some of you may say, well that doesn't pay the bills. Maybe you're right, maybe not. Maybe there's a balance. Maybe when you open your heart to the possibility of a much broader sense of worth and success, you make the attainment of success much easier. Please don't get me wrong, I do understand the concept of paying bills and the fiscal responsibility associated with that concept. I also understand that balance and happiness is not something I'm going to compromise going forward in my life, and I want others to find that balance. Take that step, and book a yoga class. Ayurveda classes and workshops are coming soon. These are old tools that most of us didn't realize existed. I invite you to come by and check us out, and if not....just have the best Monday possible.  Lots of love, Elisa


P.S. I know it's the first day back to school. Good or bad who didn't like getting new school supplies? #iheartnewpens

P.P.S. Enjoy the photo from Pocketdharma Photography. Wy is the best!





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