This Thing About Money

August 1, 2018

Money. One of my most disliked songs is Pink Floyd's Money. If you asked me twenty years ago, I would have told you it was the funky melody. Clunky, off key, and just not in sync with my internal harmony. When I hear that song now, I realize that I can make peace with the melody, but the message not so much. Sometimes in life there's a marker that shows up over and over to remind you of something, and obviously music is a resonant marker. I've been blessed in life to have access to money, but I can say that I worked very hard for that privilege. It was not something I inherited or won. I really worked for it. I gave parts of my life away to a career, but I wouldn't go back and change that aspect of my life. That hard work afforded me the ability to live comfortably. It also afforded me the opportunity to start a business. Now the "Business" of yoga and wellness is a difficult business in that you must find a balance and peace with making money, and keeping the space accessible to everyone. It's downright mind boggling. Mind boggling until you realize you were never the one in control, and those blessings are the gifts from the Divine. that you've been asked to reseed. So as True Dharma is being born think of this opening as a shower of sorts. No commitment, no obligation, just come and eat cake (vegan of course-it's good I promise), and play name games. Well the baby has a name, but you know what I mean. The gift part is up to you. For the next 4ish weeks of business we are relying on Donations. Check out the video to get a better understanding of donation based yoga. We love to see you whether your waving money at us or not.'s a gas.


Here's the link to our schedule:


Oh, and the video....not my best by any stretch of the imagination. Maybe tomorrow I interview Sinbad (the cat). He can tell you what he likes about yoga and wellness, or maybe eating and naps. Probably eating and naps. Love you all and have a great morning!




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