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There are many definitions of Dharma. The one that resonates with our vision is right way of living. The path that correctly serves the individual to their highest potential as well as contributing to the highest potential of society and beyond. We often get lost in what we think is the right path or way, but we usually fall short only to find our bodies and mental faculties in states of anxiety, depression, and general discontent.  

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How do you feel-really?

Take a moment to consider what constitutes well being. Maybe it's the right weight or appearance. Maybe it's what you ate for lunch (or didn't eat). Maybe you can't remember feeling well. When was the last time you felt content, happy, at peace? Many times we are consumed by outside expectations of what is happy, and we forget what feeling good really feels like in our bodies and minds.

Our Mission

The concept of True Dharma was born out of the realization that there is a right or true path for each person. This path is unique to the individual based on their circumstances, physical attributes, and thought processes. It is our mission to help you find that path to peace and contentment through practices that promote physical and mental wellbeing. We provide Ayurvedic consultation, Yoga classes, Reiki (energy healing), and training opportunities to give a wide range of tools in order to facilitate transformation. 

There are many self help books, videos, programs and the like out in our world. Several of these concepts are worthwhile, but most of us struggle where to start, start back, start over, or whatever the case may be.

You get the drift.

At True Dharma we believe that every person deserves a nurturing and individualized approach to find their unique path to balanced wellness. It is our intention to help you feel your best.

Feeling is believing

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