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Kaya Unlimited

Kaya Unlimited is located inside True Dharma, but is a separate entity owned and operated exclusively by Kaya Steele.


Kaya is a TN Licensed Massage Therapist, Registered Yoga Teacher, Certified Reiki Master, Certified Past Life Regression Therapist, Certified Angel Card Reader, Certified Crystal Reader and Ordained Minister.  


Kaya has been empowering her clients, customers and students for years to reach beyond their false limitations and beliefs to unlock their full healing potential.  She named her business Kaya Unlimited to reflect how Unlimited we ALL are and to emphasize that nobody does the healing for anyone else... we each do it for ourselves given the right tools.

Kaya Steele, LMT

Our Philosophy 

Life was never meant to be so rigid. Get out of the box, push the label off of your shoulders and simply be truly, authentically, fantastically YOU!

We specialize in discovering root causes and beliefs that trigger disharmony in the body resulting in stiffness, limited range of motion and pain.  


This discovery can happen with any of our various Intuitive Services.

Popular Services


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This is not your average massage. This service addresses your personal needs, be it therapeutic or relaxation based and then goes a step (or 3) beyond by providing insight as to the root mental/emotional cause behind your pain or tension. An open mind with a desire to take responsibility for your well being is required to receive the maximum benefit.  

Choose 30, 60 or 90 minutes




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Thai yoga massage is a spiritually based form of bodywork that incorporates Ayurvedic and Buddhist healing principles through mindful touch and the application of Metta (loving-kindness).  Yoga like stretches and muscular compression open blocked energy lines that typically lead to imbalance, pain and dis-ease, thus restoring vitality and wellness.  This version of Thai Massage is done on the massage table in loose flexible clothing and is ideal for active individuals and/or those with good joint health.  

Choose 60 or 90 minutes




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A relaxing and highly efficient form of emotional, spiritual and physical healing utilizing Universal Life Force energy. This high vibrational energy is focused and delivered across all time and space to your subtle energy field which can help to balance and heal the chakras, break up negative, stagnant energy and release it back into the Universe for recycling. 

60 minutes



November Special

$60 for 60 minutes

"She is very intuitive and focuses on your worst areas. It is amazing how different parts of your body that suffer from tension and pain truly paint a picture of your daily suffering."  ~ Jennifer

"I had a great experience. Kaya is extremely intuitive and provided a lot of good feedback and helped me to gain clarity. The overall experience was relaxing and made me feel so much better. I would definitely recommend her services!"  ~ Lynsey